It was started in the year 1950. Good health is The most valuable gift which has been given to Humans. But due to various factors such as pollution, stress, wrong eating habits etc we have lost that equilibrium with Mother Nature and this has resulted in various disorders, not only for us humans. Knowing this, Team MMP Herbal has taken up this task of taking back people closer to Nature and in this constant endeavor it has been touching the health of Humans, through their innovative natural Herbs and country drugs which can be used daily along with their routine food habits , with a very broad and noble vision of taking people back to Nature by educating them and making them to know all information about the god nature gift of herbals which is grown naturally around them.

We have all types of Herbs which can be used in formulation of many Natural products for daily uses in Human life:

  • Ayurvedic Herbal cosmetics for skin care
  • A Ayurvedic Herbal cosmetics for hair care
  • A Nutritional food supplements for general healthcare